Interesting Scribbles

Executive Speaker Series: Kathryn Sager

February 6, 2020

Notes from a talk by Kathryn Sager on January 7, 2020 at Young Catholic Professionals.

I’ve never been a CEO or a founder of a president of anything, so this isn’t quite your typical YCP talk.

Eighty percent of life is just showing up. Be on time. Show up to work, to friends, to Mass.

Do the work. In the eye of God, we are all children of God. There’s nothing you don’t have to do or are too good for. If you put in the work, you can make good out of anything.

Work hard even if no one cares. In the final analysis, someone does care. Everything in your life is attached to your name.

Your relationships are more important than your work. Know the people around you. People don’t leave jobs, they leave people.

You become part of the group you associate with. So choose carefully. Stick with who and what you want to be a part of.

This too shall pass. It’s not a big deal. Calm the hell down. There is no job or boss or falling out with a friend that will ruin your whole life.

Believe the trend. The person you see taking extra sauce packets or always missing deadlines or always late — when the chips are down, they aren’t someone you want to count on. Know what you’re dealing with.

Don’t be afraid of unemployment or under-employment. Some of my bad jobs have lead to the best jobs.

Pray a lot. Sometimes God’s answer is “hold on, I’ve got a better idea”.

What you are not changing, you are accepting. And are not allowed to complain about.

You know the guy who drives you crazy? You don’t want to be that guy — be the antithesis of that.


Impact of Lourdes in your life?

My kids were 4, 6, and 8 when I was diagnosed with a rare kind of breast cancer. 30 days after treatment, I had a pain in my spine — we were all sure the cancer was back. Someone suggested I go with them on a trip to Lourdes; I said yes. Praying in the grotto: “I have done everything I could do, including coming here to to Lourdes with my petition. The rest is up to you.”

You know what happens when you make a bad decision and end up in a bad place? Nothing! You go make a better decision, and end up in a better place.

Many times, the source of frustration and anger is mismet/unmet expectations. Resetting that expectation of the people around you means you’re not getting upset.