Interesting Scribbles


This site started in April 2017, as a way to share my notes from attending various talks. I like to take notes while I’m listening, especially because it lets me revisit old talks and retreats. Paper notes are hard to share, and I was interested in steno, so I started typing them in as practice.

The logo that appears in the footer is made up of the word “interesting” as written in Gregg Shorthand, followed by the word “scribbles” as written on a stenotype.

Content was entered on a ProCAT Flash stenotype, using Plover for computer-assisted translation (CAT); and on an Apple Extended Keyboard II (via a handy ADB-to-USB adaptor) and a Leopold (Cherry Blue) keyboard, using the Dvorak layout. I learned to touch type QWERTY in grade school (thanks Mom!) by playing “Mario Teaches Typing”, and could hit 60 WPM on a good day. I re-learned using Dvorak in college and got up to 90 WPM. Sure it’s faster, but more importantly, I find it’s more comfortable. I’m still learning to use the stenotype, and can hit maybe 5 WPM.

Other tools include CMark for markdown translation, Byword for editing markdown on a Mac, Working Copy for editing on iOS, Python, Git, Vim, make, and probably some ed in there somewhere. Because ed is the standard text editor.

This website doesn’t include any form of tracking or advertisements, and doesn’t collect or store any personal data. Your browser provides some information when loading pages, like your IP address and the URL of the page you want to see, which is included in log files.

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